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Night Service
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Church of God in Christ


Welcome to First Mission’s Fellowship Ministries.  Each ministry is dedicated to inspire, encourage and to provoke excellence of service to God.

Men’s Ministry
Men of Distinction (MOD) Squad

The ministry is designed to:
·Build the spiritual and moral character of men in order to become leading forces in our church, home and community.
·To establish a strong committed and dedicated life of love for God, in prayer, bible study and church attendance.  
·To operate effectively as a department within the ministry of First Mission.
·To encourage, and promote values of commitment, dedication and to live for the vision and ministry of First Mission. To develop and enhance leadership skills, where men are “out front, on top and in charge”.
·To encourage and generate a desire for each man to become more faithful and consistent in rendering help to the Pastor and the church and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Women’s Ministry

“Women of Purpose

The ministry is designed to:
·To encourage, instruct and provide fellowship for women.  To encourage women to live the best of their ability; holy and committed lives to God.

·To provide women through fellowship to develop close binding relationships with their peers.  To encourage the women’s department to grasp the vision of our pastor, make a decision to follow and step out on the decision that we have made.

·To encourage women to work at their fullest potential in achieving any personal and spiritual goals that will enhance their personal growth in our church, home, and our community.


As anointed vessels of God we are dedicated to serving, giving and spreading joy and hope in the community.  As a ministering arm of the church, the Evangelism team implements needed services that will cater to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community we are committed to ministry.  Ministering at a local Home Care facility and assisting in the feeding the homeless during the holidays the FMCT Evangelism Team lead by Evangelist Carrie Holton works hard and are very diligent about the work of the ministry.

The Youth Ministry

The mission is to:
Perpetuate excellence and prepare our youth for community wide ministry in song, education and fellowship.  Each of our youth members are encouraged  to achieve excellence in their home, community, school and church and to live a Godly and fulfilling life.

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